About Us

The Company

We have been distributing surface protection products throughout North America since 2003.  We ship from out warehouses located in Houston and San Antonio, TX


Phone: 832-545-0015



And we have the product for you.


We can procure custom products for our clients, and also have a full line of water-based adhesive protective films and paper application tapes. All of our products are Made in the USA and are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Springboard is confident we can find the perfect solution for you.


Springboard offers quick turnaround on film application solutions developed for these industries:

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Furniture and Laminates
  • Marble and Stone
  • Glass and Mirror
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Construction and Building Supply
  • RV and Marine
  • Automotive After Market
  • Carpets and Windows
  • Electronics and Appliances
  • Graphics and Screenprinting


What's more, if Springboard doesn't already distribute the tape or film you need, please complete a request form or call us at 832-545-0015 and our sales team will contact you for a consultation.


We strive to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our friendly and attentive staff is looking forward to serving you.